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GifMator FAQ's page.

Q. How many logo's can I make?
A. As many as you like.

Q. When I press the back button why do you not keep the image?
A. Its the way our coding works, we use Javascript to store the image in your browser,
so when you press the backbutton it goes back to our index page, which loads the default image.

Q. Is your site suitable for use on mobiles?
A. Yes, well the ones we have tested anyway, we can't test on all devices,
there are to many of them, but we have used old touch screen phones to iphones,
even some tablets and our site looks and works fine on the ones we have tested.
Google Chrome is our preferred browser as its the best, if you have issues on your devices,
it is more likely the memory in that device, check that first.

Q. How can I contact you?
A. Simply send an e-mail to with any issues you might have.
We will not reply to your email if your question is answered here.


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